“The” Ride


Life is like a roller coaster.

My say and Thoughts :

It has its ups and downs…. Day or night, rain or shine….. It is still gonna be there waiting for someone to take the ride.  It all depends on how much you wanna so into riding it despite others say. It could turn out to be a beautiful ride, smooth ride, bumpy ride, memorable ride or whatever ride you may think of it as. Either way, you still have to and will wanna ride it. Otherwise, you will never know how thrilling or fun it can be. You can never let others tell you the feeling of riding the roller coaster coz the feelings differ from person to person. Well, it may be the same (I dunno) but still, you need to ride it to feel it yourself. They may tell you what it feels like but that’s based on their experience of riding it. Whether its gonna make you puke, heart pound and raced or its gonna make you smile, jumping with joy and wanna ride again… It all depends on what you think AFTER you took the ride.. You will have thoughts running in your mind saying something like “What IF the roller coaster is not strong enough or what IF I fell riding it….?” Well, no one knows until you get yo’ ass on the roller coaster seat and experience it yourself. Ask yourself “What IF I just give it a try?” IF  the ride was not meant for you to enjoy it, then so be it. At least you gave it a try. You only need to take the ride ONCE and then will you only know and will be able to share your personal experience.

There are some that even after taking the ride and felt afraid and swore never wanna ride again, little did they know, without them realizing, they are back again for another try. It could be the reason that they wanna try to overcome their fear or just simply accepting a challenge or they wanna enjoy the ride with friends or whoever the person may be.

Basically, life is similar to it when I come to think of it…….


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