John Tucker Must Die

First and foremost I would like to say that each and everyone of us went through school days. As much as I can remember those times, I don’t really like to recall much of my time there. But still, some memories of it are funny and rather stupid/silly (to me that is) if you ever just sit back and let your mind run to it.

Anyways, there will always be one (or maybe more than that) like John Tucker (in the movie) in any school. The good looking, well known, hunk, nice abs etc. And which school girl does not want to be or rather have a date or be seen with the most popular, handsome boy. I dunno, you tell me. And as much as our parents send us to school to obtain good results for our future, still, you can’t deny the wanting to be with a partner to share your school days or to some girls, they just wanna be let known that they are pretty and beautiful OR they just wanna get their schoolmates jealous and full of envy. Simply put, they too wanna be the popular girl with good looks and boobs (if they have it). LOL.

But this movie itself, I personally felt that actually there is no need to be with the most popular guy. And you don’t need to impress anyone to get the attention from anyone. And for John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) to lie to each and every girl he dated (respectively) is so uncalled for. So what if you’re the popular one? Do you need to lie your way out to get a date? That’s totally hypocritical. You’re not YOU! You’re just being someone you’re not, just to get attention though I do admit he was good in whatever he does. I call these bunch of people ‘Attention Seeker’.

Lori Spencer (Jenny McCarthy) a single mom to Kate (Brittany Snow), in this movie, she somehow played a big part in Kate’s life. Kate has been seeing her mom with different guys (which she labeled them as ‘Skip’) walking in and out of her mom’s life. It somehow affected Kate’s growing up as a teenager. As much as her mom is finding her love and someone to be with, she prolly forgot that Kate needs her too. Thus, the whole situation of seeing her mom dating different guys made her do foolish things without thinking, forgot who she really is and changed her to become someone she is not.

As for the 3 girls, Beth (Sophia Bush), Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) and Heather(Ashanti), I wanna say that as much as they are that stuck up and a brat, they came out strong as a team. They put their brains and beauty together and formed up a good combination of themselves into one person to get even with John Tucker. And that created person happens to be Kate. She came out from nowhere, was a loner and becoz of the 3 girls, she became noticeable in school. They carried their plan to destroy John,very well I must say, despite the hurdles along the way. But, that was not necessary. As much as John was such a jerk to the 3 girls, but he was such a gentleman when it comes to impressing Kate. Eventually, John and Kate are not together as the plan was never for her to be his girlfriend but she ended up with the other Tucker, Scott (Penn Badgley).


  • Never lie your way to be friends, to be close to or to get attention from others. Be honest, be natural, be yourself, be YOU! If they like you (for who you are not what you are) they will accept you just the way you are regardless.
  • Never ever try to impress others to like you coz they will expect more (we’ll never know) coming from you.
  • Looks isn’t everything! Remember, that each and everyone of us was born differently and unique in some ways. Some with brains, some with beauty and some with other hidden talents that we do not know of.

I guess that’s pretty much what I can say about this.



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