Without watching the movie, the title itself is very vengeance, hatred, revengeful and threatening if you ask me.

I was so into the movie that when I watched it, I really felt the intense, the anger, the sadness. The little girl, Tonya (Rae’Ven Kelly) raped, brutally beaten, hanged but she did not die and was left by the river. As a parent myself, I could not imagined what I would do should something like that were to happen? I’ll prolly ran amok? I dunno. It’s hard to tell. But all I know and would feel is that, the anger in me will make me curse and swear the person (tho I know it will not change what has happened) to not only burn in hell but to die horribly and suffer his entire time before his death! Pfft….

And the kid who had to go through the torment moment throughout her entire life, I really felt the sense of loss, low self esteem, isolation, timid, afraid, and if she did not have the full support, love and care from her family and friends, she will never be able to pull herself back together and be strong. She maybe wasted or maybe not depending on her perseverance and her will power to move on after the trauma.

I was so touched at the way the lawyer ( Matthew McConaughey) defended the accused (Samuel L. Jackson ). He didn’t seem to care about himself and the threats that he and his co-workers received from the community. To the extend the co-worker (Sandra Bullock) was kidnapped, beaten and hospitalized. The trouble and flaws the lawyer had to go through just to prove one’s innocence. He brought justice and defended not only to prove his capabilities as a young lawyer but also to break the unjust prejudice and racism among the community.


  • Treat everyone equally regardless of their different beliefs, religion, skin colour etc becoz everyone of us believes in one thing… WE ARE MORTAL AND WE ALL DIE ONE DAY!
  • If you do not want anything to happen to one of your kind (people), then you should think before you acted on someone becoz KARMA WILL HIT YOU HARD WITHOUT YOU REALIZING! 
  • Be supportive to someone who really needs it as you will never know how much it will mean to the person and how much your support have helped him/her throughout.
  • When you start on something, ensure that you have done not only your best but give your fullest and have put every single drop of sweat/effort you have on you. Go all the way! Only then will you know, that what you do bears fruit or otherwise.

I guess that is all I could think of. If anyone of you have any more to add to this, please do leave comments on this blog.


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